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  • Rachel and Randy

    Rachel and Randy had a small but beautiful wedding! They are two great people who are very active in the church they attend. We met them early at the church to do family photos and some quick bride and groom poses, then the church had their regular services and Rachel and Randy's ceremony followed. It was great to see so much love between them! It was amazing how much their family helped out to make it a beautiful ceremony!

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  • Stacie and Joe

    This was one of the largest wedding parties I've ever taken pictures of! Stacie and Joe made it easy! They were some of the most laid back and helpful people i've ever worked with. When Joe pulled out the gas mask before he got Stacie's garter I almost lost it! This was a fun wedding and a great group of people!

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  • April and Jeff

    I've know April and Jeff for a long time, and it was great to see them get married! Their wedding was beautiful and made for great pictures. April made a beautiful bride and was able to keep Jeff inline... Most of the time!

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